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500VA 100mA AC Withstanding Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester


TH5201B AC withstanding voltage insulation resistance tester
High-brightness VFD display, eye-catching, beautiful
0-5kVAC / DC voltage output AC current 100mA test
Insulation resistance test voltage is 100V / 500V / 1000V third gear, insulation resistance test test range:
200 k-1.0 G (100V)
Measure to protect ground open detection function
Analog, digital voltage indication
Upper and lower limits of the window comparator, PASS / FAIL judgment output
Single high voltage output of the AC / DC switch without changing the output terminals
Timed test function, zero start and zero-crossing off
Four special test mode selection, increase security testing
DC auto discharge function (TH5201)
Quality noise suppression circuit, improving the reliability of operation
REMOTE Security, signal input / output interface, RS-232C, user-friendly test operation, increased


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