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0~15kv/30kv AC 0-2/20mA / DC 0-2/10mA Hipot Tester

2674B 15KV/30KV AC/DC Withstand Voltage Test with 20mA leakage current

Model LX-2674B
Output Voltage 0~15kv/30kv
Voltage Resoulation 100V
Voltage Accuracy ±5%
Leakage Current (AC) 0-2/20mA
Leakage Current (DC) 0-2/10mA
Current Resolution 0~2mA:1μA
Current Accuracy ±5%
Test time 0~99 s ,manual control
Max Outpower 600VA
Transformer Capacity 1500VA
Display Models LED
Input Voltage Request 220V±10%,50Hz±5%
Working Environment 0℃~40℃,≤85%RH

hipot tester

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