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The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) requires that products comply with standards relating to human exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) up to 300GHz, in addition to complying with standards covering electrical safety.

Household Appliances

For compliance with the Low Voltage Directive, household appliances falling within the scope of the EN 60335 series of safety standards must also comply with the EMF standard EN 62233:2008 or the older standard EN 50366:2003 + A1. Nemko Ltd is accredited to test household appliances to either of the above standards but it should be noted that EN 50366:2003 + A1 will be withdrawn on 1st December 2012.

Electronic and Electrical Equipment

From 1st January 2011, electronic and electrical equipment for which no dedicated product or product family EMF standard applies, must comply with the EMF standard EN 62311:2008. However, much of the electronic equipment commonly used in the home and office can be considered to comply without testing. This is because clause 7.2 of EN 62311:2008 includes the following text concerning “low power / inherently compliant” products:

“Some products use a technology or input powers that have the consequence that the emissions cannot exceed the basic restrictions, e.g. non-radiotransmitter products like wrist-watches, ADSL modems, computers, telecommunications equipment and hi-fi systems.”

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