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What is ISO 19970-2:2019

The Importance of ISO Standards

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental international organization that develops and publishes standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products and services. ISO standards are widely recognized and used by businesses and organizations around the world, as they provide a common framework for achieving best practices in various industries.

An of ISO 19970

ISO 19970 is a standard that specifically focuses on software asset management. Software assets, such as applications, systems, and licenses, play a critical role in today's digital landscape. Effective management of these assets is essential for organizations to optimize their IT investments, mitigate risks, and maintain compliance.

ISO 19970-2:2019 is the latest version of this standard, providing guidelines and requirements for managing software entitlements and licenses. It covers the entire lifecycle of software assets, from procurement to retirement, and helps organizations establish robust processes and controls.

The Key Components of ISO 19970-2:2019

ISO 19970-2:2019 outlines several key components that organizations need to consider when implementing software asset management:

Software Entitlements: This includes all rights, permissions, and restrictions associated with the use of a particular piece of software.

License Management: Organizations must have proper systems and processes in place to manage licenses effectively, including tracking usage, renewals, and compliance.

Procurement and Deployment: ISO 19970-2 emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate records of software purchases, ensuring only authorized software is deployed, and managing installations and configurations.

License Reconciliation: Regular reconciliation of licenses and entitlements is crucial to identify any discrepancies and ensure compliance.

By following these components, organizations can achieve better control over their software assets, reduce costs, and minimize legal and security risks.

The Benefits of ISO 19970-2:2019 Compliance

Complying with ISO 19970-2:2019 brings several benefits to organizations:

Improved Efficiency: With proper software asset management practices, organizations can optimize software usage, eliminate redundancies, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cost Savings: By effectively managing software licenses, organizations can avoid unnecessary purchases and penalties for non-compliance.

Risk Mitigation: ISO 19970-2 helps organizations identify and address potential security risks associated with unauthorized software usage or inadequate license management.

Enhanced Collaboration: Having standardized software asset management processes simplifies collaboration with vendors and ensures clear communication regarding entitlements and licensing terms.

In summary, ISO 19970-2:2019 is a crucial standard for organizations seeking to streamline their software asset management practices. Compliance with this standard not only improves efficiency and reduces costs but also mitigates risks and fosters better collaboration in the software industry.

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