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What is BS EN 60745-2-21:2010?


BS EN 60745-2-21:2010 is a technical standard that specifically addresses the safety requirements for hand-held motor-operated electric tools. This standard, issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI), sets out guidelines and regulations to ensure the safe and efficient use of these tools in various industries. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of BS EN 60745-2-21:2010, its scope, and why it plays a crucial role in ensuring user safety.

Scope of BS EN 60745-2-21:2010

The BS EN 60745-2-21:2010 standard applies to hand-held motor-operated electric tools, including drills, saws, sanders, and many others used in both professional and domestic settings. Its primary objective is to establish safety requirements to safeguard users from potential hazards associated with these tools' operation and design. The standard outlines specific criteria related to electrical safety, mechanical strength, thermal conditions, and protection against environmental factors.

Key Requirements and Safety Measures

The BS EN 60745-2-21:2010 standard emphasizes several crucial requirements to ensure user safety. One of the main focuses is electrical safety. It mandates that tools comply with appropriate insulation and grounding standards, minimizing the risk of electric shock. Furthermore, the standard addresses mechanical strength, specifying factors such as stability, structural integrity, and resistance to impact. This helps prevent accidents caused by tool breakage or malfunction during use.

Thermal conditions are another critical aspect covered by BS EN 60745-2-21:2010. It outlines limits for the surface temperature of tools, preventing burns or accidental contact with excessively hot components. Additionally, the standard outlines protection against environmental factors such as moisture and dust ingress, ensuring longevity and reliability of the tools.

Importance of BS EN 60745-2-21:2010

BS EN 60745-2-21:2010 plays a vital role in the industry by providing a standardized framework for manufacturers, users, and regulatory bodies to evaluate and maintain the safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools. Compliance with this standard enhances user confidence, minimizes accidents, and ensures a safer working environment. It also helps manufacturers improve their product design and quality, reducing liability risks and enhancing market competitiveness.

In conclusion, BS EN 60745-2-21:2010 serves as a crucial benchmark for electrical tool safety. Its comprehensive guidelines and requirements enable industry professionals to create and utilize hand-held motor-operated electric tools that meet optimal safety standards. By ensuring compliance with this standard, all stakeholders can work together towards a safer and more efficient workplace.



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