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What is IEC 60450?

IEC 60450, also known as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60450, is a technical specification that pertains to the determination of the acidity of unused and used insulating liquids. The acidity level of these liquids is an important factor in assessing the health and performance of electrical equipment, such as transformers and capacitors.

Why is IEC 60450 important?

Insulating liquids, such as mineral oils or synthetic esters, are widely used in electrical equipment to provide insulation and cooling. Over time, these liquids can degrade due to various factors, including oxidation and contamination. The measured acidity of the insulating liquid can be an indicator of the extent of degradation and the overall condition of the electrical equipment.

IEC 60450 provides a standardized method for determining the acidity level, expressed as the neutralization number, of both unused and used insulating liquids. This standard enables consistent assessment and comparison of insulating liquids across different equipment and locations, allowing maintenance personnel to make informed decisions regarding the health of the equipment and the need for maintenance or replacement.

Testing procedure and parameters

The testing procedure outlined in IEC 60450 involves titration, which is a chemical technique used to determine the concentration of a particular substance in a solution. In the case of this standard, it involves measuring the amount of alkali needed to neutralize acidic components present in the insulating liquid sample.

The standard specifies the required alkali and acid solutions, as well as the equipment and experimental conditions necessary for accurate measurements. The neutralization number obtained through this process is an indication of the acidity of the insulating liquid; a higher value indicates a higher acidity level.

By adhering to the specific parameters outlined in IEC 60450, consistent and reliable results can be obtained, facilitating effective decision-making regarding electrical equipment maintenance, repair, or replacement.


IEC 60450 is an important technical specification that provides a standardized method for determining the acidity level of insulating liquids used in electrical equipment. By following the testing procedure outlined in this standard, maintenance personnel can assess the health and condition of the equipment and make informed decisions regarding maintenance or replacement, ultimately ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the electrical systems.

It's worth noting that IEC 60450 is just one among many standards developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission to ensure the safety, reliability, and compatibility of various electrical technologies and systems worldwide.

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