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What is ISO 85289:2016?

ISO 85289:2016 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for managing and controlling documentation within an organization. It provides guidelines for creating, organizing, and maintaining documentation in a systematic and efficient manner.

Why is ISO 85289:2016 important?

This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency, accuracy, and reliability of documentation across different departments and functions. By adhering to ISO 85289:2016, organizations can improve communication, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration among teams.

Key principles of ISO 85289:2016

ISO 85289:2016 follows certain key principles that help organizations in managing their documentation effectively. These principles include:

Accuracy: Ensuring that information in documents is correct and up-to-date.

Accessibility: Making sure that documents are easy to find, retrieve, and use.

Consistency: Maintaining a standardized format and structure for all documents.

Version control: Managing different versions of documents to avoid confusion.

Review and approval: Implementing a systematic process for reviewing and approving documents.

Benefits of implementing ISO 85289:2016

Organizations that implement ISO 85289:2016 can reap several benefits. Some of these include:

Improved efficiency: By streamlining document management processes, organizations can save time and resources.

Enhanced quality: Consistent and accurate documentation leads to improved quality of products and services.

Better compliance: Adherence to ISO 85289:2016 ensures organizations meet regulatory requirements.

Effective knowledge sharing: Easy access to information promotes effective knowledge sharing among employees.

Reduced risks: By implementing version control and review processes, organizations can mitigate risks associated with outdated or incorrect information.

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