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What is BS EN 61000-4-24:2011?

BS EN 61000-4-24:2011 is a technical standard that focuses on immunity requirements for equipment in electrical and electronic systems. It specifically addresses the immunity of equipment to harmonic currents injected into the public low-voltage network.

This standard provides guidelines and limits for the performance of such equipment, ensuring that they can function properly even in the presence of harmonic currents. By conforming to BS EN 61000-4-24:2011, manufacturers can ensure their products meet the necessary regulatory requirements and are reliable and safe for consumers to use.

Understanding Harmonic Currents

Harmonic currents are non-sinusoidal currents that flow through an electrical network, typically generated by devices with nonlinear loads. These devices include computers, power electronics, telecommunication equipment, and many other modern appliances.

Harmonic currents can cause disturbances in the voltage waveform, leading to operational problems with other connected equipment, such as flickering lights or malfunctioning control systems. BS EN 61000-4-24:2011 aims to address these issues by setting limits on the emission of harmonic currents from equipment and defining appropriate immunity levels.

Compliance Testing and Requirements

Manufacturers need to perform compliance testing in order to ensure their equipment meets the requirements of BS EN 61000-4-24:2011. Compliance testing involves subjecting the equipment to specific electromagnetic disturbances and monitoring its performance. The equipment must remain functional and operate within acceptable limits throughout the test.

The standard specifies different criteria and test levels depending on the type and severity of the anticipated harmonic distortions. It also provides guidance on measurement techniques, test setups, and reporting methodologies to ensure consistency and accuracy during compliance testing.

Benefits and Implications

BS EN 61000-4-24:2011 plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and reliability of electrical and electronic equipment used in various industries. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can:

Ensure their products are compatible with other equipment and not causing interference or disruptions in the power network.

Comply with regulatory requirements imposed by authorities to protect public safety.

Improve customer confidence by delivering reliable and high-quality products that meet industry standards.

Ultimately, BS EN 61000-4-24:2011 helps to create a more stable and efficient power grid, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the smooth operation of different devices and systems.

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