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What is EN ISO 4386-2:2014?

EN ISO 4386-2:2014 is an international standard that provides specifications and guidelines for the design and testing of piston seals used in reciprocating applications. It defines the terminology, dimensions, and performance criteria for these seals.

Terminology and Dimensions

The standard outlines the key terms and definitions related to piston seals. This ensures a common understanding among manufacturers, suppliers, and users of these seals. It also specifies the dimensions and tolerances for different types and sizes of piston seals.

Performance Criteria

EN ISO 4386-2:2014 sets forth performance requirements that piston seals must meet to ensure their effectiveness and reliability. These criteria include parameters such as leakage, friction, wear resistance, and high-pressure behavior. The standard also provides testing methods to evaluate the performance of these seals.

Benefits and Applications

The adherence to EN ISO 4386-2:2014 benefits both manufacturers and end-users of piston seals. By following the standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet consistent quality standards. This enables the end-users to select suitable seals with confidence, resulting in improved equipment performance, reduced downtime, and longer service life.

This international standard finds application in various industries that rely on reciprocating machinery or equipment, including hydraulics, pneumatics, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. Piston seals designed and tested according to EN ISO 4386-2:2014 can be utilized in cylinders, pumps, engines, compressors, and other similar mechanical systems.

In conclusion, EN ISO 4386-2:2014 plays a significant role in defining the specifications and ensuring the quality and performance of piston seals used in reciprocating applications. Manufacturers and end-users benefit from the standard's guidelines, resulting in improved reliability, efficiency, and productivity of the equipment. The wide range of industries that can apply this standard demonstrates its importance in various sectors around the world.

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