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What is ISO-PAS 28360:2013?

The ISO-PAS 28360:2013 is an International Organization for Standardization Publicly Available Specification that provides guidelines and requirements for effectively managing records in digital format. This specification serves as a valuable resource for organizations looking to establish or improve their digital record management systems.

The Purpose of ISO-PAS 28360:2013

The main purpose of ISO-PAS 28360:2013 is to ensure the authenticity, reliability, and integrity of digital records. It outlines the essential principles and best practices that need to be followed in order to achieve these objectives. By adhering to this specification, organizations can ensure that their digital records are trustworthy and legally admissible.

Key Requirements of ISO-PAS 28360:2013

ISO-PAS 28360:2013 defines various requirements that organizations must meet to effectively manage their digital records. These requirements include:

Establishing clear policies and procedures for digital record management;

Identifying and capturing records in a timely manner;

Applying appropriate metadata to facilitate record management;

Ensuring the security and protection of digital records;

Implementing mechanisms for the long-term preservation of records;

Providing access controls and auditing capabilities;

Ensuring the interoperability and usability of records.

Benefits of Implementing ISO-PAS 28360:2013

Organizations that adhere to ISO-PAS 28360:2013 can enjoy several benefits, including:

Improved recordkeeping efficiency and accuracy;

Enhanced compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;

Reduced risks associated with digital record management;

Increased confidence in the integrity and authenticity of records;

Better accessibility and usability of digital records;

Facilitated long-term preservation and archiving of records.

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