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What is EN ISO 12100:2021?

EN ISO 12100:2021 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines for ensuring safety in machinery design and construction. It is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and applies to all types of machinery, regardless of their purpose or sector.

The Purpose of EN ISO 12100:2021

The main purpose of EN ISO 12100:2021 is to assist designers, manufacturers, and users in identifying and addressing potential hazards associated with machinery. The standard defines a systematic approach to risk assessment and risk reduction throughout the entire lifecycle of a machine, from concept development to disposal.

Key Requirements and Principles

EN ISO 12100:2021 emphasizes the concepts of inherent safety hierarchy, inherently safe design measures, and complementary safeguards. The standard requires designers to follow a series of essential health and safety requirements and provide adequate information for the safe use of machinery. It also addresses specific topics such as electrical hazards, ergonomics, and noise reduction.

Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 12100:2021

By following EN ISO 12100:2021, organizations can minimize the risks associated with machinery and create safer working environments. Benefits include reduced accidents and injuries, improved productivity, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, enhanced reputation, and increased customer confidence. Implementing this standard demonstrates a commitment to safety and a proactive approach to risk management.



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