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What is BS EN 60730-1:2011?

BS EN 60730-1:2011 is a technical standard that sets requirements for automatic electrical controls used in household appliances. The standard was developed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and is widely recognized and followed by manufacturers, engineers, and regulatory bodies across Europe.

Scope of BS EN 60730-1:2011

The standard covers various aspects related to automatic electrical controls, including their design, construction, performance, and testing. It applies to controls used in a range of household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, and more. The standard outlines specific requirements for different types of controls, taking into account factors like voltage, current, temperature, and environmental conditions.

Key Requirements and Features

BS EN 60730-1:2011 emphasizes safety, reliability, and functionality of automatic electrical controls. It lays down guidelines for proper insulation, protection against electric shock, mechanical strength, resistance to moisture and heat, and durability under normal operating conditions. The standard also addresses issues such as electromagnetic compatibility, interference suppression, and prevention of false operations.

Additionally, the standard includes provisions for marking and documentation, specifying that manufacturers must provide clear instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance of the controls. This ensures that end-users can safely and effectively utilize the devices while keeping risks to a minimum.

Compliance and Importance

Compliance with BS EN 60730-1:2011 is crucial for manufacturers as it signifies that their products meet established industry standards and regulations. It demonstrates their commitment to producing safe and reliable appliances, building trust among consumers and authorities alike. In many European countries, adherence to this standard is a legal requirement for manufacturers and failure to comply may result in penalties and enforcement actions.

For consumers, the BS EN 60730-1:2011 mark on an appliance provides assurance of its quality and safety. By following these standards, household appliances are less likely to malfunction, pose hazards or cause accidents, ultimately ensuring the well-being of users and their property.


BS EN 60730-1:2011 plays a significant role in ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of automatic electrical controls used in household appliances. Its comprehensive guidelines cover every aspect of control design and construction, emphasizing factors crucial to minimize risks and maximize user satisfaction. Compliance with this standard not only benefits manufacturers but also provides peace of mind and safety assurance to consumers across Europe.

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