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What is ISO 7171-2018?


ISO 7171-2018 is an international standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the assessment of noise in various spaces, including buildings, rooms, and open areas. This standard aims to ensure acceptable sound environments in different settings, taking into consideration factors such as ambient noise, indoor environmental quality, and speech intelligibility.

Background and Importance

Noise pollution has become a significant concern in modern society, affecting both physical and mental health. Excessive noise can lead to hearing loss, stress, sleep disturbances, and reduced productivity. Recognizing the need for a standardized approach to assess and manage noise levels, ISO developed the ISO 7171-2018 standard.

The ISO 7171-2018 standard offers a comprehensive framework for evaluating and measuring noise levels using a variety of metrics, including sound pressure level (SPL), background noise level, and frequency response. By following these guidelines, architects, engineers, and acoustic consultants can design and implement effective noise control measures in different environments to create a more comfortable and healthy living or working space.

Key Features of ISO 7171-2018

There are several key features of the ISO 7171-2018 standard:

1. Measurement Methods: The standard defines precise methods for measuring noise levels, including instrumentation requirements, microphone placements, and measurement durations. These standardized techniques allow for consistent and reliable assessments of noise in various settings.

2. Evaluation Criteria: ISO 7171-2018 provides specific criteria for assessing the acceptability of noise levels in different spaces. For instance, it sets limits for maximum allowable noise levels in residential areas, classrooms, hospitals, and office buildings. These criteria help ensure that noise levels do not exceed the recommended thresholds for human comfort and well-being.

3. Noise Control Strategies: The standard also offers guidance on effective noise control strategies. It provides recommendations for building materials, design principles, and equipment selection to reduce noise transmission and improve acoustic conditions. By implementing these strategies, architects and engineers can create quieter and more functional spaces.


The ISO 7171-2018 standard plays a crucial role in managing and controlling noise pollution in various environments. By providing guidelines for measurement, evaluation, and noise control, this standard helps create healthier and more comfortable spaces for individuals to live, work, and relax. Architects, engineers, and acoustic consultants should familiarize themselves with the ISO 7171-2018 standard to ensure compliance and promote better environmental acoustics.

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