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What is EN ISO 14067:2018 ?

EN ISO 14067:2018 is a widely recognized standard for environmental product assessment, which aims to provide a standardized methodology for evaluating the environmental performance of products and services throughout their entire life cycle. It considers factors such as resource consumption, emissions, waste generation, and overall environmental footprint.

The objective of EN ISO 14027:2018 is to provide organizations with a comprehensive framework for conducting reliable and transparent environmental assessments. To achieve this, the standard outlines key principles that should be followed when conducting environmental product assessments.

One of the key principles of EN ISO 14027:2018 is to ensure that the environmental assessment is based on credible data and information. This means that organizations should gather and document data that accurately reflects the environmental performance of their products and services.

Another important principle outlined in the standard is to provide transparency and accountability in the environmental assessment process. This means that organizations should be transparent about their environmental assessment methods and results, and they should be accountable for the environmental impact of their products and services.

EN ISO 14027:2018 also emphasizes the importance of considering the entire life cycle of a product or service when conducting an environmental assessment. This means that organizations should consider the environmental impact of a product or service from its design and production to its disposal or retirement.

The standard also encourages organizations to use a holistic approach to environmental assessment, which takes into account the interrelationships between different aspects of a product or service, such as its environmental impact, social impact, and economic value.

In conclusion, EN ISO 14027:2018 is an important standard that provides guidelines and requirements for conducting environmental product assessments. By following the key principles outlined in this standard, organizations can enhance their environmental management and reduce their environmental footprint.

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