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What is test probe B of EN 61032 ?

Applications of test probe b

Test Probe B in Electrical Safety Testing

Importance of Test Probe B


Test probe B is a critical tool used in electrical safety testing. It is designed to simulate human fingers and assess the accessibility of live parts inside electrical equipment. In accordance with the EN 61032 standard, test probe B complies with the dimensions and design criteria for testing access to hazardous parts in electrical appliances and equipment. The probe's main characteristics include a diameter of 10 mm and a bend angle at the tip of 60 degrees. Test probe B is primarily utilized to verify the protection against direct contact and aid in the simulation of finger movement. Its applications in electrical safety testing include testing for electrical equipment, such as transformers and generators, as well as for consumer products, such as dryers and washing machines.

The use of test probe B is essential for ensuring accurate and consistent results during testing. It allows testers to verify that the electrical equipment or consumer products are in compliance with the relevant safety standards and regulations. Additionally, test probe B helps to identify any potential hazards or risks associated with the equipment or product.

In conclusion, test probe B is a valuable tool for electrical safety testing. Its ability to simulate human fingers and assess the accessibility of live parts makes it an essential tool for verifying the safety of electrical equipment and consumer products. By ensuring that electrical equipment and consumer products are in compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations, test probe B helps to protect the public from electrical hazards and risks.

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