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What is ISO 55141-2014

ISO 55141-2014, also known as the Technical Product Documentation - Vocabulary - Simplified Representation of Systems and Their Configuration (SRSC) standard, is a key guideline developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard aims to establish a common understanding and consistent terminology in documenting technical products and their systems. In this article, we will delve into the details of ISO 55141-2014, examining its purpose, scope, and significance.

Understanding ISO 55141-2014

The main goal of ISO 55141-2014 is to simplify the representation and configuration documentation of complex technical systems. It provides a standardized vocabulary and symbols that enable efficient communication between all stakeholders involved in the design, production, maintenance, and use of technical products.

With ISO 55141-2014, engineers and technicians can express complex configurations using simple and concise representations, reducing ambiguity and misunderstandings. For example, using standardized symbols and notations allows different teams or organizations to easily understand and exchange information without extensive explanations.

Benefits of ISO 55141-2014

ISO 55141-2014 offers several benefits to various industries and sectors:

1. Improved communication: By adopting the standard's unified vocabulary and simplified representations, professionals can communicate more effectively, irrespective of their native languages or technical backgrounds. This leads to better collaboration and reduces errors due to misinterpretation.

2. Enhanced efficiency: Using ISO 55141-2014 streamlines the documentation process, saving time and effort in creating, understanding, and updating technical documentation. The standard helps organizations avoid duplicate work and ensures consistency throughout the product lifecycle.

3. International compatibility: As an ISO standard, ISO 55141-2014 ensures international compatibility and harmonization. This allows organizations from different countries to seamlessly work together, exchange information, and increase interoperability between technical products.


ISO 55141-2014 provides a universal framework for simplifying the representation and configuration documentation of technical systems. By adopting this standard, organizations can improve communication, enhance efficiency, and achieve international compatibility. With ISO 55141-2014, technical products and their systems can be accurately documented and understood by all stakeholders, ensuring smoother collaboration and reducing errors in various industries.

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