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What are Australian standard electrical outlets?

Australian standard electrical outlets, also known as power points or sockets, are the primary means of connecting electrical devices to the mains electricity supply in Australia. These outlets conform to the standards set by the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3112, ensuring safety and compatibility of electrical appliances used within the country.

Design and Features

Australian electrical outlets have a unique design that sets them apart from those used in other countries. They feature two flat pins in a V-shape, forming an angle of 30 degrees. These pins are insulated and parallel to each other, with a vertical slotted opening at the top for connecting the plug. Additionally, many outlets in Australia also include an additional pin located underneath the two main pins, serving as an earth connection.

The outlets are typically made from durable materials such as high-impact polycarbonate to ensure longevity and safety. They are designed to prevent accidental contact with live parts and protect against electrical shocks. The sockets also feature child safety mechanisms, commonly known as "shuttered sockets," which prevent small objects from being inserted into the outlet and reducing the risk of electric shock.

Voltage and Compatibility

Australian standard electrical outlets provide a voltage of 230-240 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz. It is important to note that some electronic devices, primarily those designed for use in countries with different voltage standards, may not be directly compatible with Australian outlets. In such cases, the use of power adapters or voltage converters is necessary to ensure safe and proper functioning of these devices.

It is worth mentioning that Australia has different types of electrical outlets with varying shapes and sizes for specific purposes. These include outlets for specialized devices like heavy-duty appliances, industrial equipment, and camping/caravan power supplies. However, the standard Australian outlet with the flat V-shaped pins is the most commonly used and found in homes, offices, and public places across the country.


Australian standard electrical outlets are an essential part of everyday life, allowing us to connect and power our electrical devices safely and efficiently. Their unique design, incorporating two parallel flat pins in a V-shape, ensures compatibility with plugs designed for Australia's electrical system. By adhering to strict safety standards, these outlets provide a reliable and secure means of accessing electricity throughout the country.

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