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What is UL 88?

UL 88, also known as the Standard for Flexible Motor Supply Cable, is a technical specification developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety consulting and certification company. This standard provides guidelines for the construction and performance requirements of flexible motor supply cables used in various industrial applications.

Importance of UL 88

UL 88 ensures that flexible motor supply cables meet strict safety and reliability standards. These cables are commonly used to supply power to motors and other electrical devices in industrial settings. By adhering to UL 88, manufacturers can assure their products meet recognized industry benchmarks, reducing the risk of fire hazards, equipment failures, and accidents.

Technical Specifications

UL 88 outlines specific requirements for the materials used, including insulation, jacketing, and conductors. It sets standards for temperature ratings, voltage ratings, and mechanical properties of the cables. The standard also covers flame resistance, oil resistance, and flexibility tests to ensure the cables' performance in challenging environments.

Compliance and Certification

In order to comply with UL 88, cable manufacturers must subject their products to rigorous testing conducted by UL or certified third-party laboratories. If a product meets all the necessary criteria, it receives the UL Listed or Recognized Component Mark, indicating its compliance. This certification demonstrates that the cables have been independently tested and found to meet UL's safety standards.

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