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What is ISO 10303-228:2012 ?

ISO 10303-228:2012 and ISO 22803:2012 are both international standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that provide guidelines for technical writing.

ISO 10303-21:2012, also known as STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data), is a well-established standard for the creation and exchange of product information within the computer-aided design and manufacturing industry. It provides a comprehensive framework for representing and transmitting product data in a neutral and vendor-neutral format. The primary purpose of ISO 10303-21:2012 is to enable seamless sharing, integration, and interoperability of product data across different software applications, systems, and organizations.

ISO 22803:2012 is an international standard developed by ISO that provides guidelines for technical writing. It is specifically focused on the structure, content, and presentation of technical documents, including user manuals, product specifications, and technical reports. The main purpose of ISO 22803:2012 is to ensure that technical documents are well-written and easily understood by their intended audience.

ISO 10303-21:2012 provides a framework for representing product data in a neutral and vendor-neutral format, making it easier to share, integrate, and transact. It also helps to overcome the challenges of data inconsistency, duplication, and incompatibility that often arise when multiple software tools are used throughout the product lifecycle.

ISO 22803:2012 provides guidelines for technical writing, including structure, content, and presentation of technical documents. It aims to establish consistent practices in technical writing across different industries and countries, and to improve the quality and effectiveness of technical communication.

Both ISO 10303-21:2012 and ISO 22803:2012 are important standards that are widely recognized and followed by organizations to ensure the quality of their technical documentation.

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