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What is ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019?


In today's interconnected world, information technology plays a critical role in organizations of all types and sizes. As businesses rely more and more on IT services, there arises a need for organizations to establish effective processes for managing those services efficiently. This is where ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019 comes into the picture.

Understanding ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019

ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019, also known as "Information technology -- Service management system requirements for organizations providing remote or virtual IT services or both," is a technical report that provides guidelines for organizations offering remote or virtual IT services.

The standard outlines the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a service management system (SMS) specifically tailored to remote or virtual IT services. It aims to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of such services while addressing the unique challenges associated with remote or virtual environments.

The Benefits of ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019

Implementing ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019 brings several benefits to organizations providing remote or virtual IT services:

Enhanced Service Quality: The standard provides the necessary framework to ensure consistent service quality by setting requirements for service management processes.

Risk Mitigation: By following the guidelines outlined in the standard, organizations can identify and address potential risks and threats more effectively, thereby reducing the chances of service disruptions.

Customer Confidence: Conforming to ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019 demonstrates an organization's commitment to providing reliable and secure remote or virtual IT services, instilling confidence in customers.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: The standard promotes the adoption of best practices for managing remote or virtual IT services, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.


ISO-IEC TR 20000-23:2019 is a valuable tool for organizations involved in offering remote or virtual IT services. By implementing the guidelines laid out in this technical report, organizations can establish a robust service management system that ensures the efficient and effective delivery of IT services while mitigating risks and maintaining high service quality. Following this standard not only benefits the organization but also instills confidence in customers by demonstrating their commitment to excellence in service provision.

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