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What is ISO-TR 22100-5:2019?

ISO-TR 22100-5:2019, also known as Technical Report ISO/TR 22100-5, is a document published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that provides guidelines for ensuring safety in machinery. It is part of the ISO 22100 series, which focuses on the safety of machinery relating to food processing and manufacturing.

The Purpose of ISO-TR 22100-5:2019

The main purpose of ISO-TR 22100-5:2019 is to assist organizations involved in the design, development, and operation of machinery in implementing risk assessment methodologies. By following the guidelines outlined in this technical report, manufacturers can identify potential hazards associated with their machinery and implement appropriate safety measures to mitigate those risks.

Key Features of ISO-TR 22100-5:2019

ISO-TR 22100-5:2019 provides detailed information on various aspects of machinery safety, including terminology, risk assessment techniques, and methods for evaluating residual risks. The report emphasizes the importance of a systematic approach to risk assessment, considering all stages of a machine's lifecycle, from design and construction to decommissioning.

The document outlines different risk reduction measures, such as protective measures, information for use, and training requirements. It also addresses topics related to the integration of safety-related parts of control systems, machine maintenance, and instructions for maintaining the safety performance of machinery over time.

Benefits of Implementing ISO-TR 22100-5:2019

Implementing ISO-TR 22100-5:2019 brings several benefits to organizations involved in machinery design and manufacturing. Firstly, it ensures compliance with international safety standards, enhancing the organization's reputation and credibility. By conducting a thorough risk assessment using the recommended methodologies, organizations can also identify potential hazards early in the design process and integrate suitable safety features into their machinery.

Adhering to ISO-TR 22100-5:2019 can also improve worker safety, reducing accidents and injuries related to machinery operation. Additionally, the report's guidelines on maintenance and ongoing safety performance evaluation help organizations keep their machinery in optimal condition, ensuring continued safety and reliability.


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