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What is EN ISO 14126:2021?

EN ISO 14126:2021 is a technical standard that defines the requirements for the design and implementation of safety-specific programmable electronic systems (PES) used in machinery. These safety systems aim to reduce risks and protect operators from potential hazards.

The Scope of EN ISO 14126:2021

EN ISO 14126:2021 covers various aspects related to safety-related PES, including their development process, validation, integration into machinery, and ongoing maintenance. The standard primarily focuses on three key areas:

1. Definition of Safety Functions - EN ISO 14126:2021 describes how safety functions are identified and categorized based on their impact on risk reduction.

2. Design Considerations - The standard outlines the factors to consider during the design phase, such as architecture, safety integrity levels, redundancy, and diagnostic coverage.

3. Validation and Verification - EN ISO 14126:2021 provides guidelines for validating and verifying the safety functions, ensuring they meet the specified requirements before integration into machinery.

Benefits and Importance of EN ISO 14126:2021

Compliance with EN ISO 14126:2021 offers several benefits for both manufacturers and end-users:

1. Enhanced Safety - By following the standard's requirements, safety-related PES are designed and implemented to mitigate risks effectively, minimizing the chances of accidents and injuries.

2. Legal Compliance - Adhering to EN ISO 14126:2021 ensures compliance with relevant machinery safety regulations, demonstrating a commitment to providing safe equipment.

3. Improved Confidence - Manufacturers can instill confidence in their customers by complying with recognized international standards, reassuring them of the product's safety and reliability.

4. Simplified Risk Assessments - EN ISO 14126:2021 provides a systematic approach to identifying, analyzing, and evaluating risks associated with safety functions, simplifying the overall risk assessment process.


EN ISO 14126:2021 is a crucial technical standard that establishes guidelines for the design, implementation, and validation of safety-specific PES in machinery systems. Compliance with this standard ensures enhanced safety, legal compliance, improved confidence, and simplified risk assessments. Manufacturers and end-users alike benefit from adhering to these requirements to create a safer working environment for operators.

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