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Who needs AS9100?


AS9100 is a quality management standard that is specifically designed for the aerospace industry. It provides a framework for organizations to establish and maintain effective quality management systems. With increasing globalization and competition in the aerospace sector, it has become crucial for companies to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety in their products and processes. In this article, we will explore who needs AS9100 certification and its significance in the aerospace industry.

The Importance of AS9100 Certification

AS9100 certification is essential for any company involved in the aerospace industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. It serves as a testimony to an organization's commitment to excellence, meeting stringent requirements, and consistently delivering reliable products and services. Attaining AS9100 certification not only ensures compliance with international standards but also enhances the company's credibility and reputation.

Aerospace companies often work on complex projects where safety and quality are of utmost importance. With AS9100 certification, organizations can effectively manage risks, identify potential issues, and implement preventive measures in their operations. By adhering to AS9100 standards, they can minimize errors, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Who needs AS9100?

1. Manufacturers: Companies involved in designing and producing aircraft components, engines, avionics, or other aerospace products must obtain AS9100 certification. This ensures that their manufacturing processes meet the highest quality standards, comply with relevant regulations, and prioritize safety at every stage. Manufacturers with AS9100 certification have a competitive advantage in the industry, as it demonstrates their ability to deliver products that are dependable, durable, and conform to customer expectations.

2. Suppliers: AS9100 certification is equally important for suppliers in the aerospace industry. Companies providing raw materials, sub-assemblies, or other components to aerospace manufacturers must meet specific quality requirements. AS9100 certification enables suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to quality, adherence to regulatory standards, and ability to consistently provide reliable products. It also helps them establish strong partnerships with manufacturers by ensuring seamless supply chain management.

3. Service Providers: In addition to manufacturers and suppliers, service providers such as maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) companies need AS9100 certification. These organizations play a critical role in ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of aircraft. By aligning with AS9100 standards, MRO companies can enhance their technical capabilities, implement effective quality control processes, and provide services that comply with industry-specific requirements. This certification instills confidence in customers and aviation authorities who rely on these services for maintaining airworthiness and safety.


AS9100 certification is an essential requirement for companies engaged in the aerospace industry. It fosters a culture of quality, safety, and continuous improvement, enabling organizations to stay competitive in a highly demanding sector. Whether it is manufacturers, suppliers, or service providers, AS9100 certification demonstrates their commitment to meeting the highest standards, mitigating risks, and delivering superior products and services. By obtaining this certification, organizations gain a competitive edge and build trust and credibility among customers and stakeholders in the aerospace industry.

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