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What is ISO 24652:2012?

The International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO, is an independent, non-governmental international organization that develops and publishes international standards. One of the standards developed by ISO is ISO 24652:2012, which focuses on the quality evaluation of automatic indexing systems.

Key Features of ISO 24652:2012

ISO 24652:2012 provides guidelines for evaluating the quality of automatic indexing systems, which are used to assign subject terms or descriptors to textual documents. These systems play a crucial role in various domains such as information retrieval, digital libraries, and document management. The standard outlines the essential features that a high-quality automatic indexing system should possess.

Evaluation Methods in ISO 24652:2012

ISO 24652:2012 introduces several evaluation methods to assess the performance of automatic indexing systems. These methods include precision, recall, F-measure, mean average precision, and normalized discounted cumulative gain. Each method measures different aspects of the system's performance, such as the accuracy and completeness of the assigned index terms.

Benefits and Applications of ISO 24652:2012

Implementing ISO 24652:2012 can bring multiple benefits to organizations using automatic indexing systems. Firstly, it ensures the quality and consistency of index terms assigned to documents, leading to improved information retrieval. Secondly, it enables organizations to compare and benchmark different indexing systems effectively. Lastly, it facilitates interoperability between different systems and promotes the exchange and sharing of indexed data.

In conclusion, ISO 24652:2012 is a significant standard developed by ISO for evaluating the quality of automatic indexing systems. It provides guidelines, evaluation methods, and benefits for organizations using these systems. Implementing this standard can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of information retrieval, leading to improved overall performance in various domains.

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