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What is BS EN ISO 6497:2021?

BS EN ISO 6497:2021 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the determination of the apparent porosity, true porosity, water absorption, bulk density, and apparent density of refractory products.

Importance of BS EN ISO 6497:2021

This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and performance of refractory products. By defining the parameters and test methods, it establishes a consistent and reliable approach to evaluating the properties of these materials. The compliance with BS EN ISO 6497:2021 guarantees that refractory products meet the required standards and can be trusted for use in various industries.

Apparent Porosity and True Porosity

Apparent porosity refers to the percentage of open pores within a refractory material's total volume. It determines the material's permeability and resistance to thermal shock. On the other hand, true porosity represents the actual void space within the solid matrix of the material. It affects the mechanical strength and insulation properties of the refractory product.

Water Absorption and Density Measurements

The water absorption test helps assess the porosity of the refractory product by measuring the increase in weight after immersion in water for a specified period. It indicates how much moisture the material can absorb and can be linked to its durability in wet conditions. Bulk density denotes the mass per unit volume of the refractory product, while apparent density measures its mass per unit external volume.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 6497:2021 serves as an essential reference for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of refractory products. Adhering to this standard enables consistent quality control, efficient material selection, and reliable performance of refractory materials. By understanding the significance of this technical standard and implementing its guidelines, industries can ensure the optimal use of refractory products in various applications.

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