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What is ISO 9241-310:2016

ISO 9241-310:2016 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the design and evaluation of usable interactive systems. This standard specifies ergonomic requirements, recommendations, and guidance for the design of tasks, dialogue principles, and presentation styles for interactive systems. It aims to enhance user performance, satisfaction, and well-being, while reducing the risk of errors and user frustration.

Understanding the Scope

The scope of ISO 9241-310:2016 focuses on the ergonomics of human-system interaction. It covers design aspects related to the cognitive, emotional, physical, and sensory characteristics of users during the interaction with interactive systems. This standard offers a framework for understanding and applying usability principles in various domains, including software development, web design, mobile applications, and more.

Key Principles and Recommendations

ISO 9241-310:2016 outlines several key principles and recommendations for designing usable interactive systems. These include:

Task Design: The standard emphasizes the importance of designing tasks that align with user goals, knowledge, and capabilities. Tasks should be easy to understand, structured logically, and provide clear feedback.

Dialogue Principles: Interactions between users and systems should adhere to principles such as consistency, simplicity, and user control. Dialogue elements, like menus and input forms, should be designed in a way that minimizes user effort and supports efficient navigation.

Presentation Styles: The standard promotes the use of appropriate presentation styles, such as legible fonts, suitable color schemes, and effective use of images and multimedia. These choices influence user perception, comprehension, and attention.

Benefits and Applications

ISO 9241-310:2016 benefits both designers and users of interactive systems. For designers, it serves as a comprehensive reference for developing human-centered designs that meet user needs, improve efficiency, and increase user satisfaction. Users benefit from systems that are intuitive, easy to use, and result in a positive overall experience.

This standard finds applications in a wide range of fields, including software development, web design, mobile application development, and the design of interactive consumer products. Adhering to ISO 9241-310:2016 ensures that interactive systems are designed with usability in mind, leading to improved user experiences and increased productivity.

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