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What is BS EN 16708: 2020?

BS EN 16708: 2020 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for writing in-depth technical articles. This standard provides guidelines and recommendations to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency. It covers various aspects of technical writing, including structure, language usage, and referencing.

Structure and Organization

The standard emphasizes the importance of a logical and well-organized structure for technical articles. It encourages writers to follow a consistent format, starting with an introduction that clearly defines the purpose and scope of the article. The main body should be divided into sections or subsections, each focusing on a specific topic or aspect related to the subject matter. This helps readers navigate through the article and quickly find the information they need.

In addition, BS EN 16708: 2020 recommends using informative headings and subheadings to highlight the content of each section. These headings should accurately reflect the content and provide a clear of what will be discussed in that particular section. Proper placement and formatting of headings improve readability and assist readers in locating specific information within the article.

Language Usage and Clarity

Another crucial aspect addressed by BS EN 16708: 2020 is the use of clear and concise language in technical articles. The standard advises writers to avoid jargon, acronyms, and overly complex terminology whenever possible. Instead, it promotes the use of plain language, ensuring that technical concepts are explained in a way that is easily understandable to the intended audience.

The standard also emphasizes the need for accurate and precise writing. It suggests providing definitions and explanations for technical terms, abbreviations, and symbols used throughout the article. This ensures that readers have a clear understanding of the terminology and can interpret the information correctly.

Referencing and Citations

BS EN 16708: 2020 includes guidelines for referencing and citing external sources in technical articles. It provides recommendations on how to cite references properly, including the use of standardized citation styles such as APA or IEEE. Accurate and consistent referencing helps readers verify the credibility of the information presented and enables them to access further resources for more in-depth understanding.

In conclusion, BS EN 16708: 2020 sets forth the requirements for writing comprehensive and technically accurate articles. Following the guidelines outlined in this standard ensures that technical writers produce high-quality content that is well-structured, clear, and reliable. By adhering to these guidelines, writers can effectively communicate complex information to their target audience and contribute to the overall advancement of technical knowledge.

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