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What is BS EN ISO 16855:2013

BS EN ISO 16855:2013 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements and guidelines for the design, analysis, and safety considerations of pressure vessels. This standard provides essential information for engineers, designers, and manufacturers involved in the fabrication and maintenance of pressure vessels.

of BS EN ISO 16855:2013

The BS EN ISO 16855:2013 standard covers various aspects related to pressure vessel design and construction. It ensures compliance with safety regulations by outlining requirements for material selection, design calculations, fabrication methods, and testing procedures.

One of the key elements of this standard is the consideration of the maximum allowable pressure limits for pressure vessels. It defines the formulae and factors to determine the strength of different materials used in pressure vessel walls, heads, and joints, ensuring their ability to withstand internal and external pressure under various conditions.

BS EN ISO 16855:2013 also specifies guidelines for stress analysis, fatigue assessment, and fracture mechanics evaluations. These guidelines help engineers ensure that pressure vessels can withstand cyclic loading and potential failure due to stress concentration or crack propagation.

Benefits of BS EN ISO 16855:2013

Implementing BS EN ISO 16855:2013 brings numerous benefits to both manufacturers and end-users of pressure vessels. First and foremost, it enhances safety levels by providing comprehensive design guidance and ensuring that pressure vessels are built to withstand high-pressure operations without any risk of failure.

The standard promotes uniformity and consistency in pressure vessel design, making it easier for manufacturers to produce reliable and efficient products. It also helps reduce project costs by minimizing the need for additional inspections or redesigns due to unforeseen failures or non-compliance issues.

Furthermore, compliance with BS EN ISO 16855:2013 can enhance a company's reputation and competitiveness in the market. Customers and regulatory bodies often prioritize suppliers who adhere to international standards, as this demonstrates commitment to quality, safety, and continuous improvement.


BS EN ISO 16855:2013 is an essential standard for the design, analysis, and safety considerations of pressure vessels. Its guidelines and requirements contribute to the overall reliability, safety, and performance of these critical industrial components. By following this standard, manufacturers can ensure compliance, reduce risks, and provide customers with high-quality pressure vessels that meet or exceed industry standards.

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