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What is EN 47511 ?

Title: What is EN 47511 and Why is it Important? A Technical Overview

The world we live in today is driven by technology, and the use of electrical appliances is widespread. As with any technology, the safety and reliability of these appliances are critical to their overall performance. This is where EN 47511 comes in. EN 47511 is a technical standard that defines the requirements for the performance and safety of electrical appliances. It sets out guidelines for testing and evaluating the products to ensure their compliance with quality and safety standards. In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of EN 47511, explaining its significance in today's technology-driven world.

Key Features and Requirements:

EN 47511 is a comprehensive standard that covers various aspects of electrical appliances. Its main objective is to guarantee the safety and reliability of electrical appliances. To achieve this, manufacturers must comply with the guidelines and requirements outlined in the standard. Key features and requirements of EN 47511 include:

Electrical Safety:

EN 47511 defines electrical safety as the absence of electrical hazards, such as electrical fires, leaking batteries, and contact with live electrical components. The standard specifies requirements for electrical insulation, circuit breakers, and other safety features to minimize the risk of electrical hazards.

Energy Efficiency:

EN 47511 promotes energy efficiency by specifying minimum energy requirements for electrical appliances. The standard sets out guidelines for reducing energy consumption, and manufacturers to develop more energy-efficient products.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):

EMC refers to the ability of electrical equipment to operate without interference from other electrical equipment or devices. EN 47511 specifies requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, including the use of shielding and other techniques to reduce interference.

Environmental Impact:

EN 47511 has a strong focus on environmental impact. The standard outlines guidelines for reducing the environmental impact of electrical appliances, including the use of recycled materials and the reduction of waste.


In conclusion, EN 47511 is a technical standard that is essential for the safety and reliability of electrical appliances. Compliance with the standard is often mandatory, and failure to adhere may result in legal consequences or rejection of products in the market. By understanding the key features and requirements of EN 47511, manufacturers, engineers, and consumers can ensure that their electrical appliances meet the necessary criteria for safe and efficient operation.

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