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What is BS EN 61355:2018?

The BS EN 61355:2018 standard is a widely recognized technical specification that provides guidelines on the classification and coding of documents for technical product documentation in various industries. This standard ensures consistency and clarity in documenting technical information, making it easier for professionals to communicate and exchange information about products.

Purpose of BS EN 61355:2018

The main purpose of BS EN 61355:2018 is to establish a common framework for classifying technical information related to products. By providing a standardized system, it enables efficient retrieval, exchange, and management of technical documentation. The standard defines codes for different types of technical information and ensures that these codes are used consistently across industries and countries.

Benefits and Applications

The BS EN 61355:2018 standard offers numerous benefits in various domains. Firstly, it facilitates effective communication between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers by standardizing technical documentation. This reduces ambiguity and confusion, leading to improved collaboration and understanding. Additionally, the standard aids in data management, enabling easy access to relevant technical information when needed.

Furthermore, BS EN 61355:2018 enhances productivity and accuracy in fields such as engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance. It streamlines processes by providing a structured approach to classifying and organizing technical information. Moreover, the standard ensures compliance with regulations and standards, resulting in increased safety and reliability in product development and maintenance.

Implementation and Compliance

To implement BS EN 61355:2018, organizations must adopt the standard's guidelines for classifying and coding technical documentation. This may involve training employees, updating existing document management systems, and ensuring consistent application of classification codes.

Organizations need to ensure that their technical documents adhere to the requirements of BS EN 61355:2018. This includes using the standard classification system, following coding conventions, and providing clear and concise information.

Compliance with BS EN 61355:2018 is essential for organizations that aim to improve data exchange, collaboration, and overall efficiency in technical documentation. By adhering to the standard, they can enhance their reputation, build trust with customers, and demonstrate their commitment to quality and precision.

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