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What is ISO 21559?

ISO 21559 is a global standard that focuses on the documentation and management of organizational knowledge. It provides guidelines and best practices for effectively capturing, storing, maintaining, and sharing knowledge within an organization. Knowledge management plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's processes and operations.

The Importance of ISO 21559

The adoption of ISO 21559 can bring significant benefits to an organization. First and foremost, it enables organizations to effectively manage their knowledge assets, which are considered valuable intellectual capital. By establishing a structured approach to knowledge management, organizations can ensure that important knowledge is not lost when employees leave or retire. This helps prevent knowledge gaps and allows for a smoother knowledge transfer within the organization.

In addition, ISO 21559 promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees. It encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement, as individuals become more aware of the importance of their knowledge and expertise. This ultimately leads to increased innovation, problem-solving capabilities, and overall organizational performance.

Implementing ISO 21559

Implementing ISO 21559 requires a systematic approach. Organizations can start by conducting a thorough assessment of their current knowledge management practices and identifying areas for improvement. This could involve evaluating existing knowledge management systems, processes, and tools.

Once the organization has identified areas of improvement, it can then develop an action plan to implement ISO 21559. This may include setting up a centralized knowledge repository, establishing clear processes for capturing and documenting knowledge, providing training and support to employees, and implementing metrics to measure the effectiveness of knowledge management activities.

It's important to note that ISO 21559 is not a one-time implementation, but rather a continuous improvement process. Organizations should regularly review and update their knowledge management practices to ensure they remain aligned with the standard's requirements and adapt to changing needs and technologies.


ISO 21559 is a valuable standard for organizations seeking to optimize their knowledge management practices. By implementing the guidelines and best practices outlined in ISO 21559, organizations can enhance their ability to capture, store, and share knowledge, leading to improved productivity, innovation, and overall organizational success.

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