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What is ISO 55027:2014?


ISO 55027:2014 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an organization's social responsibility. It focuses on promoting sustainable development, ethical business practices, and social accountability.

Key Features of ISO 55027:2014

ISO 55027:2014 emphasizes the integration of social responsibility into an organization's values, culture, strategy, and operations. It ensures that organizations understand and address their impact on society and the environment.

The standard provides a framework for organizations to identify and engage with relevant stakeholders to determine their social responsibility priorities. This includes working with employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities to establish goals, initiatives, and performance indicators.

ISO 55027:2014 requires organizations to recognize human rights, fair operating practices, labor practices, environmental responsibility, consumer issues, and community involvement.

The standard also places importance on transparency and reporting. Organizations are expected to communicate their social responsibility efforts and performance effectively, both internally and externally.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 55027:2014

Implementing ISO 55027:2014 brings several benefits to organizations:

Enhanced Reputation: By demonstrating commitment to social responsibility, organizations can enhance their reputation among stakeholders, including investors, customers, and the public.

Risk Management: ISO 55027:2014 helps organizations identify and mitigate risks related to social responsibility, such as ethical lapses, legal violations, or negative environmental impacts. This allows organizations to avoid potential damage to their operations and brand.

Competitive Advantage: Organizations that align their operations with ISO 55027:2014 can gain a competitive advantage by attracting customers who prioritize socially responsible companies.

Improved Relations with Stakeholders: Engaging with stakeholders and addressing their concerns improves relationships, fostering better collaboration and support from employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.


ISO 55027:2014 is a valuable standard that enables organizations to integrate social responsibility into their practices effectively. By implementing this standard, organizations can not only fulfill their ethical obligations but also reap several benefits, such as an enhanced reputation, minimized risks, and improved relations with stakeholders. Overall, ISO 55027:2014 plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and ethical practices globally.

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