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What is EN 51932 ?

EN 51990 is a technical standard that outlines the guidelines and requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical devices. The purpose of EN 51990 is to ensure safety, performance, and reliability of products in various industries.

EN 51990 provides a framework to ensure that electrical devices meet industry standards in terms of electromagnetic compatibility. It outlines the requirements and specifications that products need to meet to prevent interference issues caused by electromagnetic emissions or susceptibility to external disturbances.

The standard covers a wide range of applications, including but not limited to, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and healthcare devices. By adhering to EN 51990, manufacturers can guarantee that their products will not disrupt the functionality of other devices operating in the vicinity, protect sensitive equipment from disturbances, and ensure proper operation and longevity.

EN 51990 is an essential standard that helps ensure safety, performance, and reliability of various electrical devices. Its application is not limited to a specific industry, but rather it is applied across various industries to ensure that the products meet the necessary safety standards.



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