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What is EN ISO 17505:2019?

EN ISO 17505:2019 is a technical standard that recently got updated for automotive services. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of automotive workshops, focusing on various aspects like environmental protection, personnel safety, and quality of service.

Ensuring Environmental Protection

One of the key objectives of EN ISO 17505:2019 is to ensure environmental protection in automotive services. The standard mandates proper waste management practices, such as the collection, treatment, and disposal of hazardous materials like oils, fluids, and chemicals. By following these guidelines, automotive workshops can prevent the pollution of soil, air, and water resources.

Prioritizing Personnel Safety

EN ISO 17505:2019 also gives high importance to personnel safety measures in automotive workshops. It provides clear instructions regarding workplace safety, including appropriate handling of tools and equipment, use of personal protective gear, and emergency response plans. These guidelines aim to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, protecting the well-being of both mechanics and customers.

Quality Assurance in Automotive Services

In addition to environmental and safety considerations, EN ISO 17505:2019 focuses on enhancing the quality of automotive services. It emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction by setting benchmarks for service delivery, complaint management, and continuous improvement. This ensures that customers receive reliable and efficient services from automotive workshops, creating trust and loyalty.

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