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What is ISO 15025:2002

ISO 15025:2002, also known as the "Protective Clothing - Protection Against Heat and Flame - Method of Test for Limited Flame Spread," is an international standard that specifies the requirements and test methods for assessing the limited flame spread properties of protective clothing materials used in various industries.

Importance of ISO 15025:2002

The ISO 15025 standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers in hazardous environments where heat and flames are potential risks. It provides manufacturers and users of protective clothing with a common framework for evaluating the performance of such clothing in terms of its ability to limit the spread of flames, prevent burns, and minimize injury.

Compliance with ISO 15025:2002 is essential for companies across multiple sectors, including firefighting, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and electrical utilities, as it helps them meet regulatory requirements, mitigate workplace hazards, and protect their employees.

Testing Methods as per ISO 15025:2002

ISO 15025:2002 outlines specific testing methods to evaluate the limited flame spread characteristics of protective clothing materials. These methods include:

Surface Ignition Test (A1): This test measures the time taken for the flames to spread across the surface of the material along a specified distance.

Edge Ignition Test (A2): In this test, the material is exposed to flames on the edge and the time taken for flames to reach a specified point is recorded.

Further Flame Spread Test (B1): This test examines whether the flame can continue to spread after removal of the ignition source.

Single Flame Source Test (B2): This test measures the after-flame time and after-glow time once the ignition source is removed.


ISO 15025:2002 is a critical standard that ensures the effectiveness of protective clothing in guarding against heat and flame-related risks. By complying with ISO 15025, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to producing reliable and high-quality protective garments, while organizations can prioritize the safety and well-being of their workforce.

It is essential for all stakeholders involved in industries where flame hazards exist to fully understand and adhere to this standard to minimize the potential for injuries or accidents caused by fires. Compliance with ISO 15025:2002 ultimately enhances workplace safety and provides peace of mind for both employers and employees alike.

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