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What is EN ISO 3898: 2014?

EN ISO 3898:2014 is a technical document that sets out the requirements for the determination of the high-angle scattering phase function of optical scattering materials. This standard is widely used in the field of optics and photonics to provide guidelines and protocols for measuring light scattering properties of various materials, including powders, aerosols, and solid objects.

Why is EN ISO 3898: 2014 important?

The determination of the high-angle scattering phase function is essential for understanding the behavior of light when interacting with different materials. This information is crucial for a range of applications, such as developing new materials with specific light scattering properties, designing optical devices, studying atmospheric phenomena, and even analyzing biological samples. EN ISO 3898:2014 provides a standardized method to measure and analyze light scattering, ensuring comparability of results across different laboratories and facilitating scientific advances in these fields.

Key features of EN ISO 3898: 2014

EN ISO 3898:2014 establishes the fundamental principles and technical specifications for measuring light scattering phase functions. It outlines the necessary equipment, sampling techniques, and measurement procedures to obtain accurate and reliable results. The standard also addresses potential challenges in scattering measurements, such as multiple scattering effects, size-dependent scattering, and optical coherence. Additionally, it specifies data reporting requirements, ensuring the transparency and reproducibility of experimental results.


EN ISO 3898:2014 plays a critical role in the field of optics and photonics by providing a standardized approach to characterizing light scattering properties of different materials. This standard enables researchers and engineers to accurately measure and analyze high-angle scattering phase functions, ultimately contributing to advancements in various disciplines, including materials science, optical engineering, environmental monitoring, and biomedical research.

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