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What is BS EN ISO 9906:2013?

BS EN ISO 9906:2013, also known as the "Rotodynamic pumps - Hydraulic performance acceptance tests - Grades 1 and 2", is an international standard that specifies the hydraulic performance tests for rotodynamic pumps, including centrifugal, mixed flow, and axial-flow types. The standard was first published in 1999 and revised in 2012 to align with the latest practices and technologies.

Importance of BS EN ISO 9906:2013

This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the operational efficiency and reliability of rotodynamic pumps. It provides a standardized methodology for testing the hydraulic performance of the pumps, allowing manufacturers, buyers, and users to evaluate and compare different pump models objectively. By adhering to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9906:2013, both pump manufacturers and end-users can have confidence in the performance and reliability of the pumps.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 9906:2013

The standard outlines various key requirements for conducting hydraulic performance tests on rotodynamic pumps. These include accuracy in measurements, test procedures, acceptable tolerances, and performance evaluation. The standard defines two grades of acceptance, Grade 1 and Grade 2, each with specific criteria for evaluating the performance under various conditions and pump sizes. The tests cover a range of parameters, such as flow rate, head, power consumption, and overall efficiency of the pump.

Benefits and Applications

Adhering to BS EN ISO 9906:2013 benefits both pump manufacturers and end-users. Manufacturers can use the standard to test and optimize their designs, ensuring that their pumps meet the required performance specifications. By selecting pumps that comply with the standard, end-users can be confident in their choice and expect reliability, efficiency, and long-term performance. The standard is widely accepted globally and is applicable in various industries where rotodynamic pumps are used, including water supply, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, mining, and HVAC systems.

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