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What is BS EN 60598-1:2014?

BS EN 60598-1:2014 is a technical standard that sets the requirements for luminaires, also known as lighting fixtures. It provides guidance on the performance, construction, and testing of various types of luminaires, ensuring their safe operation and compatibility with electrical installations.

Scope and Application

The standard applies to luminaires for use in indoor or outdoor lighting systems. It covers a wide range of lighting products, including fixed general-purpose luminaires, portable luminaires, recessed luminaires, and many others. The requirements stated in BS EN 60598-1:2014 are essential for manufacturers, installers, and users to guarantee the safety and reliability of luminaires.

The standard also addresses specific considerations for different applications, such as luminaires intended for explosive atmospheres, emergency lighting, and luminaires used in hazardous locations. It ensures that these specialized luminaires comply with additional safety measures suitable for their specific environment.

Key Requirements and Testing Procedures

BS EN 60598-1:2014 defines various parameters and tests that luminaires must undergo to prove their compliance with the standard. Some of the key requirements include:

1. Mechanical Strength: Luminaires should be able to withstand mechanical stress likely to occur during installation and maintenance without compromising safety.

2. Electrical Safety: The standard lays out stringent guidelines for electrical insulation, connections, and earthing arrangements to minimize the risk of electric shock or fire hazards.

3. Thermal Management: Luminaires must have appropriate heat dissipation mechanisms, ensuring they operate within safe temperature limits to prevent overheating and potential failures.

4. Optics and Photobiological Safety: The standard addresses optical radiation safety, aiming to protect users from potential harm caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation.

Testing procedures involve subjecting luminaires to a series of performance and durability tests, including electrical strength, moisture resistance, temperature cycling, and mechanical impact tests. Only luminaires that meet all the requirements and pass the tests are considered compliant with BS EN 60598-1:2014.


In summary, BS EN 60598-1:2014 is a comprehensive technical standard that ensures the safety, performance, and compatibility of luminaires used in various lighting applications. It sets out specific requirements and testing procedures that manufacturers must follow to guarantee the reliability and compliance of their products. Adhering to this standard not only protects users from potential hazards but also promotes quality and consistency within the lighting industry.

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