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What is UL 1132?

UL 1132 is a widely recognized standard in the electrical industry that covers the safety requirements for isolated power supply systems. These systems are commonly used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, where the safe and reliable operation of medical devices is critical. In this article, we will delve into the technical details of UL 1132 and explain why it is important for both manufacturers and end-users.

Understanding the Scope of UL 1132

The scope of UL 1132 encompasses various aspects related to isolated power supply systems. It includes the performance, construction, marking, and testing requirements that these systems must meet to ensure compliance with safety standards. One key aspect of UL 1132 is the requirements for leakage current, which refers to the flow of electric current through unintended paths. This standard sets limits on acceptable levels of leakage current to minimize the risk of electrical shock for patients and healthcare personnel.

Key Features of UL 1132

UL 1132 defines several key features that isolated power supply systems must possess. These features contribute to the overall safety and reliability of the systems. One of the primary features is the provision for alarm circuits, which detect faults or abnormal conditions in the system and trigger an alarm. This helps medical staff identify potential issues promptly and take corrective actions. Additionally, UL 1132 requires the presence of a ground fault detection system to monitor the current flowing through the grounding conductor. If excessive current is detected, indicating a fault, the system automatically shuts down to prevent any potential harm.

Another important feature defined by UL 1132 is the requirement for isolated power panels to have visible indicators, such as pilot lights or digital displays, which provide information about system status and any ongoing faults. These indicators play a crucial role in quickly identifying any abnormal situations and ensuring prompt response. Furthermore, the standard mandates that isolated power supply systems should have appropriate wiring practices and insulation materials to minimize the risk of electrical arcing or sparks, which can potentially lead to fires.


UL 1132 is an essential standard that ensures the safety and performance of isolated power supply systems in healthcare facilities. Compliance with this standard is crucial for manufacturers to demonstrate the reliability and quality of their products. For end-users, such as hospitals, adhering to UL 1132 requirements provides peace of mind, knowing that the medical devices connected to these systems are operating safely. By following the technical specifications outlined in UL 1132, both manufacturers and end-users can contribute to creating a safer environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

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