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What is BS EN ISO 17086:2014?


BS EN ISO 17086:2014 is a standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the implementation of a condition monitoring program in industrial facilities. This standard aims to improve the efficiency and reliability of machinery by establishing a systematic approach to monitor and assess their condition.

Understanding Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is a technique used to detect and diagnose faults and abnormalities in machinery before they lead to catastrophic failures. It involves regular inspection, measurement, and analysis of various parameters such as temperature, vibration, and lubricant quality.

The objective of condition monitoring is to identify early signs of deterioration or malfunction, allowing maintenance actions to be taken proactively. This not only helps in preventing unplanned downtime but also minimizes repair costs and extends the lifespan of equipment.

The Benefits of Implementing BS EN ISO 17086:2014

By implementing BS EN ISO 17086:2014, organizations can realize several benefits:

1. Improved Maintenance Planning: The condition monitoring program facilitates better planning of maintenance activities. Equipment can be scheduled for maintenance during planned shutdowns, reducing the impact on production and operations.

2. Reduced Downtime: By detecting potential problems at an early stage, organizations can avoid unexpected breakdowns and minimize unscheduled downtime. This leads to increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

3. Increased Equipment Reliability: Regular monitoring of machinery ensures that any abnormalities or signs of wear are identified promptly. Timely maintenance interventions can be performed, maximizing the reliability and availability of equipment.

4. Cost Savings: Proactive maintenance reduces the chances of major failures and costly repairs. By addressing issues before they escalate, organizations can save on repair costs and operational expenses.


BS EN ISO 17086:2014 plays a crucial role in setting up an effective condition monitoring program, enabling organizations to optimize their maintenance practices. The standard provides guidelines for data collection, analysis, and decision-making processes, helping businesses in various industries enhance the reliability and longevity of their equipment.

Implementing BS EN ISO 17086:2014 not only leads to improved maintenance planning and reduced downtime but also results in significant cost savings. With the right approach to condition monitoring, organizations can achieve enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market.

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