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What is EN ISO 13848-1:2019?

EN ISO 13848-1:2019 is a European standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the design, construction, and performance of safety-related control systems in machinery. It specifically focuses on the safety functions related to electro-hydraulic control systems used in machinery. This standard aims to ensure the safe operation of machinery by establishing principles for the design and testing of control systems to prevent hazardous situations from occurring.

Importance of EN ISO 13848-1:2019

Adhering to EN ISO 13848-1:2019 is crucial for manufacturers and designers of machinery as it helps ensure the safety of operators and the general public. By following this standard, potential risks associated with machine operation can be identified and controlled effectively, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries caused by unsafe machinery.

Key Requirements of EN ISO 13848-1:2019

This standard introduces several key requirements for safety-related control systems. Firstly, it emphasizes the use of reliable components and the proper selection and application of control equipment. The standard also requires the use of a well-defined architecture that enables the separation of different safety functions within a control system. Furthermore, EN ISO 13848-1:2019 mandates the validation of control systems through testing, analysis, and assessment to ensure their reliability in achieving the desired safety objectives.

Compliance with EN ISO 13848-1:2019

To comply with EN ISO 13848-1:2019, manufacturers must thoroughly evaluate their control system designs and ensure they meet all the specified requirements. This involves conducting risk assessments, developing functional safety plans, and verifying the performance of the control systems through rigorous testing. Compliance with this standard demonstrates a commitment to safety and significantly reduces the potential for accidents caused by machinery malfunction or operator error.

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