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What is ISO/TS 80004-10:2016 ?

Title: What is ISO 8528-10:2016 and How Does it Benefit Your Genset?


The power generation sector is one of the most critical industries, requiring high levels of safety, reliability, and performance. Gensets, also known as internal combustion engines, are a crucial component of power generation, providing clean and efficient power to communities. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is essential to have clear and consistent communication to avoid misunderstandings and ensure efficient collaboration among stakeholders. This article will explore the purpose and key features of ISO 8528-10:2016, a crucial international standard for the design and testing of gensets.

ISO 8528-10:2016: The Standard for Gensets

ISO 8528-10:2016 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the use of reciprocating internal combustion (RIC) engines in gensets. The standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure the reliability, safety, and performance of gensets. It specifies the requirements for the design and testing of such engines to meet the international standards ISO 9141-2012 and ISO 14141-2012.

Key Definitions and Terminology

ISO 8528-10:2016 uses a consistent terminology to define key concepts related to gensets. The standard defines the terms and concepts used in the genset industry, including fuel, air, and ignition systems. It also defines the various components of a genset, such as cylinders, cylinders, valves, and fuel systems.

Key Features of ISO 8528-10:2016

ISO 8528-10:2016 is a comprehensive standard that provides a standardized language for genset design and testing. The standard has several key features that make it an essential tool for genset manufacturers, engineers, and service providers.

1. Clear and Consistent Communication: ISO 8528-10:2016 provides a common vocabulary for discussing gensets, making it easier for stakeholders to communicate effectively.

2. Design and Test Requirements: The standard specifies the requirements for the design and testing of gensets, ensuring their reliability, safety, and performance.

3. Performance and Safety: ISO 8528-10:2016 sets out the performance and safety requirements for gensets, ensuring they meet the necessary standards for public use.

4. Testing and Validation: The standard provides guidelines for the testing and validation of gensets, ensuring that they are thoroughly tested and meet the necessary requirements.


ISO 8528-10:2016 is an essential international standard for the design and testing of gensets. It provides a clear and consistent language for discussing gensets, ensuring the safety and reliability of gensets for public use. By following the guidelines and requirements set out in ISO 8528-10:2016, genset manufacturers, engineers, and service providers can ensure that their gensets are safe, reliable, and meet the necessary standards for public use.

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