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What is BS EN ISO 508212016?


The BS EN ISO 50821:2016 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for technical writing. It is an essential document for professionals in various industries, including engineering, manufacturing, and technology. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of the BS EN ISO 50821:2016 standard and its significance in technical communication.

Key Components of BS EN ISO 50821:2016

The BS EN ISO 50821:2016 standard consists of several key components that help writers enhance their technical documents. Firstly, it includes guidance on creating clear and concise documentation, ensuring that technical information is effectively communicated to the intended audience. It also emphasizes the importance of using appropriate terminology and defining technical terms for easy comprehension.

The standard also addresses the structuring of technical documents. It advises on organizing information logically, using headings and subheadings, and providing clear navigation within the document. Additionally, BS EN ISO 50821:2016 highlights the significance of visual aids such as diagrams, tables, and graphs, which facilitate understanding and improve the overall readability of the document.

Another crucial aspect of the standard is the inclusion of guidelines for creating effective instructions and procedures. It outlines the importance of step-by-step instructions, using imperative verbs and active voice, in order to provide clear guidance to users. Adhering to these guidelines helps ensure that technical documents are user-friendly and meet the needs of the target audience.

Benefits of Following BS EN ISO 50821:2016

Complying with the BS EN ISO 50821:2016 standard brings numerous benefits to both the writers and readers of technical documents. Firstly, adhering to this standard ensures consistency and uniformity across different documents, making it easier for users to understand and follow the information provided. It also enhances the professional image of the organization and instills confidence in its products or services.

Furthermore, following this standard improves the overall quality of technical documentation. Clear and concise documents reduce the likelihood of miscommunication and errors, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. By providing comprehensive guidelines, BS EN ISO 50821:2016 helps writers deliver high-quality technical documents that meet the industry's best practices.


The BS EN ISO 50821:2016 standard plays a crucial role in guiding technical writers in creating clear, concise, and effective documentation. Its recommendations on structuring information, using appropriate terminology, and incorporating visual aids ensure that technical information is easily understood by the intended audience. By adhering to this standard, organizations can enhance their communication processes, improve the quality of their technical documents, and ultimately achieve better customer satisfaction.

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