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What is EN ISO 14468-1:2021?

The EN ISO 14468-1:2021 standard is a technical document that provides detailed guidelines and specifications for the design and evaluation of table tennis equipment. It covers various aspects of table tennis, including the construction, dimensions, and performance requirements for tables, nets, and balls. This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring fair play and maintaining consistency in the game.

Construction Requirements

According to EN ISO 14468-1:2021, table tennis tables must have a consistent and durable surface, typically made of compressed wood fiberboard with a thickness between 19mm and 25mm. The playing surface should be smooth, level, and free from any irregularities that may affect the bounce of the ball. The edges of the table should also be designed to minimize any potential injury to players during intense rallies.

Dimensions and Markings

This standard specifies the precise dimensions and markings for table tennis tables. The playing surface must have a length of 2.74 meters, a width of 1.525 meters, and be positioned 76cm above the ground. The net, which divides the table into two equal halves, should be 15.25cm high and extend beyond the width of the table by at least 15.25cm on each side. Accurate and visible markings are essential for determining whether a ball has landed in or out of play, ensuring fairness in competitions.

Performance Requirements

EN ISO 14468-1:2021 also sets forth specific performance requirements for table tennis equipment. For instance, the ball used in official tournaments should have a diameter of 40mm and weigh 2.7g. It must have a smooth surface and bounce to a height of 24-26cm when dropped from a height of 30.5cm. These criteria ensure that the ball's characteristics meet the standard for competitive play.

In conclusion, EN ISO 14468-1:2021 serves as a comprehensive standard for table tennis equipment design and evaluation. It covers the construction, dimensions, and performance requirements to ensure fair play and consistent competition in the sport. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers are encouraged to produce high-quality equipment that meets the needs of players at all levels.

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