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What is BS EN ISO 23529:2019?

BS EN ISO 23529:2019 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the testing and evaluation of the performance of industrial footwear. This standard sets out the requirements for various properties of safety shoes, including slip resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact protection. In this article, we will explore the key elements of BS EN ISO 23529:2019 and its significance in ensuring the quality and safety of industrial footwear.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 23529:2019

BS EN ISO 23529:2019 encompasses several important aspects of industrial footwear testing. One of the most crucial elements is slip resistance, which determines the shoe's ability to maintain traction on different surfaces. This standard provides precise procedures for evaluating slip resistance using specific test methods and instruments.

Another vital aspect covered by BS EN ISO 23529:2019 is abrasion resistance. Industrial footwear often faces harsh conditions, including contact with rough or abrasive surfaces. This standard outlines methods for assessing the shoe material's resistance to wear and tear, enabling manufacturers to produce more durable and long-lasting safety shoes.

Impact protection is also a significant focus of BS EN ISO 23529:2019. This standard specifies criteria for measuring the protective capabilities of safety footwear when exposed to impacts from heavy objects or compression forces. Compliance with these requirements ensures that workers' feet are adequately shielded from potential hazards in industrial environments.

Significance of BS EN ISO 23529:2019

BS EN ISO 23529:2019 plays a critical role in safeguarding worker safety and well-being in industries that require protective footwear. By adhering to the standard's guidelines, manufacturers can ensure that the safety shoes they produce meet high-quality standards and offer reliable protection to workers.

This standard also assists employers in selecting appropriate footwear for their employees. By referencing BS EN ISO 23529:2019, employers can determine the necessary safety shoe requirements based on the specific hazards present in their work environment. This helps minimize the risk of workplace accidents and injuries caused by inadequate or substandard footwear.


BS EN ISO 23529:2019 is a comprehensive standard that sets out crucial parameters for testing and evaluating the performance of industrial footwear. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can produce safety shoes that meet the highest quality standards and offer reliable protection to workers. Similarly, employers can rely on this standard to ensure that their employees are provided with appropriate footwear for their specific work hazards. Ultimately, BS EN ISO 23529:2019 plays a vital role in promoting worker safety and minimizing occupational risks in industries worldwide.

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