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What is ISO 21198:2017?

ISO 21198:2017 is a standard that establishes guidelines for writing and structuring technical documentation. It provides a framework for creating professional and consistent technical articles, such as manuals, user guides, and specifications.

The Purpose of ISO 21198:2017

The primary purpose of ISO 21198:2017 is to improve the effectiveness and usability of technical documentation. It sets forth principles and best practices for organizing information, presenting it clearly and concisely, and making it accessible to the intended audience.

Key Guidelines of ISO 21198:2017

ISO 21198:2017 covers various aspects of technical writing, including structure, style, language, and graphics. Here are some key guidelines highlighted in the standard:

Structural Organization: The document should have a clear and logical structure, with sections and subsections that are easy to navigate. A table of contents and an index are strongly recommended to help readers find information quickly.

Clarity and Readability: The use of plain language and concise sentences is encouraged to ensure clarity and readability. Technical terms and jargon should be defined or explained whenever necessary.

Consistency of Terminology: The standard emphasizes the importance of using consistent terminology throughout the document. Definitions of key terms should be provided and adhered to consistently.

Graphics and Illustrations: Visual aids, such as diagrams, charts, and illustrations, should be used whenever appropriate to enhance understanding. They should be labeled clearly and referenced within the text.

Benefits of Following ISO 21198:2017

Following the guidelines outlined in ISO 21198:2017 can bring several benefits to both writers and readers of technical documentation:

Improved Usability: By adhering to a standardized structure and language, users can easily locate relevant information and understand it more efficiently.

Enhanced Clarity: Clear and concise writing reduces ambiguity and improves comprehension, thereby decreasing the likelihood of errors or misunderstandings.

Increased Efficiency: Consistency in terminology and style saves time for both writers and readers. It ensures that information can be easily found and understood without confusion.

Higher Quality Documentation: Following ISO 21198:2017's guidelines enables writers to create professional and effective technical articles that reflect well on the organization.

In conclusion, ISO 21198:2017 provides valuable guidance for creating professional technical documentation. Adhering to its guidelines can significantly improve the effectiveness and usability of such documents, benefiting both the writers and readers.

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