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What is UL 60947-4-2:2020?

UL 60947-4-2:2020 is a widely recognized international standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. It sets out specific requirements for circuit-breakers, switches, and related equipment used in electrical power distribution systems.

Main Features of UL 60947-4-2:2020

The standard covers various aspects of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear, including performance, safety, and environmental concerns. Here are some of the main features of UL 60947-4-2:2020:

1. Trip classes: The standard specifies different trip classes to ensure that circuit-breakers can effectively respond to different types of overloads and short circuits.

2. Coordination tables: UL 60947-4-2:2020 provides coordination tables which help engineers select the appropriate combination of devices to ensure selective protection. This means that only the faulty circuit or equipment will be isolated, minimizing downtime and improving system reliability.

3. Environmental considerations: The standard also addresses environmental aspects by setting requirements for materials and manufacturing processes. It promotes the use of environmentally friendly alternatives and encourages energy efficiency in switchgear and controlgear design.

Benefits of Complying with UL 60947-4-2:2020

Complying with UL 60947-4-2:2020 offers several benefits for manufacturers, designers, and end-users:

1. Safety assurance: By adhering to the standard's requirements, risks associated with electrical incidents such as short circuits and overloads can be minimized. This ensures the safety of both personnel and equipment.

2. Enhanced performance: UL 60947-4-2:2020 provides guidelines for reliable operation and performance of switchgear and controlgear. Enhanced product performance leads to improved system functionality and efficiency.

3. Regulatory compliance: Many countries require compliance with recognized standards like UL 60947-4-2:2020 for electrical equipment used in commercial and industrial installations. Complying with the standard ensures that products meet the necessary regulatory requirements, facilitating market access.


UL 60947-4-2:2020 is an important international standard that sets out requirements for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Compliance with this standard not only ensures safety and performance but also promotes environmental sustainability. Manufacturers, designers, and end-users can benefit greatly by adhering to UL 60947-4-2:2020, ultimately leading to improved electrical power distribution systems.

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