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What is EN 16837:2012?

EN 16837:2012 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for writing thorough technical articles. It provides guidelines and recommendations on the structure, content, and presentation of technical information. The standard aims to ensure that technical articles are clear, concise, and accurate, making them effective in communicating complex concepts to readers.

The Importance of EN 16837:2012

Adhering to the guidelines set forth by EN 16837:2012 is crucial in producing quality technical articles. Clear and concise writing not only enhances the readability of the content but also helps readers better understand the information presented. A well-written technical article improves knowledge transfer, enabling readers to apply the concepts in practical applications efficiently.

Structure and Content Guidelines

EN 16837:2012 suggests an organized structure for technical articles. It recommends starting with an introduction that gives an of the topic and establishes the context for the rest of the article. The main body should present the information in a logical sequence, using headings and subheadings to create a hierarchical structure. Each section should have a clear objective, with supporting evidence and examples to enhance understanding.

The language used should be precise, avoiding ambiguity and unnecessary jargon. Technical terms and acronyms should be defined, ensuring clarity for readers. Visual aids such as diagrams, charts, and illustrations are encouraged to supplement the text and aid comprehension.

Presentation and Formatting Recommendations

In addition to the content guidelines, EN 16837:2012 provides recommendations for the presentation and formatting of technical articles. These include suggestions on font, use of italics or bold for emphasis, spacing, and indentation. Consistency is key, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance throughout the article.

The standard also emphasizes the importance of proper references and citations. Any external sources or research should be appropriately acknowledged, providing readers with the opportunity to explore further on the subject if desired.

In conclusion, EN 16837:2012 sets the standard for writing thorough technical articles. Adhering to the guidelines ensures clarity, coherence, and accuracy in the presentation of technical information. As technology continues to advance, effective communication of complex concepts becomes increasingly vital, making adherence to EN 16837:2012 more important than ever.

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