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What is EN ISO 354:2014?

EN ISO 354:2014 is an international standard for measuring sound absorption in open plan areas. It provides guidelines and procedures for determining the sound absorption coefficient of materials, products, and systems used in buildings. This standard helps architects, engineers, and acoustic consultants ensure that noise levels are controlled and comfortable for occupants.

Importance of EN ISO 354:2014

EN ISO 354:2014 plays a crucial role in creating acoustically optimized spaces. By following this standard, professionals can evaluate and compare different materials' effectiveness in absorbing sound. This information is vital in projects where minimizing noise and creating suitable environments are essential, such as offices, classrooms, auditoriums, and concert halls.

Testing Procedures

The testing procedures outlined in EN ISO 354:2014 are rigorous and standardized to ensure accurate results. The coefficient obtained reflects the material or product's ability to absorb sound at various frequencies. This allows designers and planners to select materials with appropriate sound-absorbing properties for specific applications.

Compliance and Certification

Adhering to EN ISO 354:2014 not only ensures quality control but may also be necessary to comply with local building codes and regulations. Some regions require certain acoustic standards to be met for public spaces or established sound-sensitive areas. Certification programs provide verification that products or systems meet the requirements of this standard, providing confidence to buyers and users alike.

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