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What is the 62368 Safety Standard?

The 62368 safety standard, also known as IEC 62368-1, is an internationally recognized standard that ensures the safety of electronic equipment. It replaces the older standards, such as the IEC 60950 and IEC 60065, which were specific to audiovisual and information technology equipment respectively.

Scope and Application

The scope of the 62368 standard is broad, covering various types of electrical and electronic equipment, including multimedia devices, communication equipment, office machines, entertainment electronics, and household appliances. The standard applies to both consumer products sold directly to end-users and professional equipment used in commercial settings.

Key Principles and Requirements

The 62368 standard adopts a new approach to safety assessment called Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE). Unlike the older standards, it focuses on identifying potential hazards and assessing the risks associated with them, rather than prescribing specific technical solutions.

To comply with the 62368 standard, manufacturers need to conduct a thorough risk analysis of their products. They must identify all potential hazards, evaluate the associated risks, and implement appropriate safety measures to mitigate those risks. This may involve design modifications, protective circuitry, or ensuring proper insulation and grounding.

Transition from Old Standards

The transition from the old standards to the 62368 standard is an important consideration for manufacturers and regulatory bodies alike. Most countries have defined deadlines for implementing the new standard, after which the older standards will no longer be accepted.

Manufacturers need to ensure that their products meet the requirements of the 62368 standard before the specified deadline. This can involve redesigning existing products or updating production processes to incorporate the latest safety measures. Regulatory bodies play a crucial role in enforcing compliance and ensuring the safety of consumers.

In conclusion, the 62368 safety standard is a comprehensive and modern approach to ensuring the safety of electronic equipment. Its adoption requires manufacturers to adopt a hazard-based safety engineering approach and implement appropriate safety measures to mitigate risks. Transitioning from older standards to the 62368 standard is necessary for manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements and prioritize consumer safety in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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